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Digital techniques with traditional glass craftsmanship.

31 Dec 2021 5:32 PM | Anonymous

MEL is designer and manufacturer of exclusive glass art installations. A team of architects specialized in digital design and a new generation of glass craftsmen started working together in the beginning of 2014 to create a new concept of glass art. With this initiative MEL is part of a trend that pursues the enhancement of artisanship through its modernization.  

“Artisan glass fabrication is one of the most beautiful processes we can imagine. We were fascinated with the possibility of applying digital design tools to artisan glass techniques.”



MEL | Designers | Barcelona A team of architects reconverted into product designers explores the possibilities of the combination of digital design and artistry to create breathtaking design experiences. Maria Ruiz, Director and Head Designer at MEL, is in charge of bridging the gap between the different expertise of the team while conceiving unique concepts for each client and project. MUVI | Craftsmen | Cartagena The Glass Craftsmen association in Cartagena is composed of a new generation of artisans that work hard to keep their tradition alive. They joined the team at MEL from the very beginning to contribute with their experience to the formulation of new glass art concepts. Having learnt from their families this 4rth generation of artisans wants to reinvent his trade to make sure the tradition continues with them. Modelical | Technical Consultancy | Madrid Modelical is a technology-oriented services firm composed of architects and engineers who love solving problems using, integrating, adapting and developing the most advanced 3D tools. A cutting-edge company behind MEL’s technological solutions.  

DESIGN AND FABRICATION PROCESS1 | Digital Design The use of sophisticated design tools makes it possible to build concepts rather than finished designs. Taking them as a starting point we can then work hand in hand with other creative teams to explore the concept and find the right design for each particular space. 2 | Digital Fabrication Virtual 3d models are precisely translated into physical objects trough digital fabrication. These objects work as innovative molds and tools for our craftsmen or as prototypes to test the shape of the final glass piece before it is actually fabricated. 3 | Manufacturing In the final stage of the process the precision of new technologies meets the uniqueness of artisanship. Our craftsmen fabricate the glass pieces with the traditional techniques of blowing, fusing or engraving. Sand turns into glass adopting the shapes of complex geometries that started in the computer with a controlled degree on randomness that makes the final product genuinely artisan.  

PRODUCTS1 | Modular Collections | DUNA, LOTO, PETALO MEL has developed three collections of illuminated glass mosaics that allow endless design possibilities. The composition of the artisan glass pieces, their color, and the integrated light, make each glass mosaic unique. They can be installed in any planar surface, both wall and ceiling or get adapted to other holding solutions. 2 | Bespoke projects There are almost no limits to what we can achieve with a bespoke piece. Motion, interactivity and hundreds of different glass components can be added to the recipe of a MEL bespoke installation. Each project in this category is a new challenge where the team at MEL explores new limits to their creation capabilities.  

MARKETS | Mel has representation in Middle East, Latin America, USA and the UK. And develops projects independently worldwide.


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